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  • In existence since 1976, the North Carolina Principals and Assistant Principals’ Association is the preeminent organization and state voice for principals, assistant principals and aspiring school leaders. NCPAPA was established with the firm belief that strong positive administrative leadership is the determining factor in the quality of a child’s public education in North Carolina. Today, NCPAPA represents 5,000 members from across the state. ​​As one voice, we aim to promote excellence in educational leadership for the State of North Carolina.

Our 2022-2023 Priorities

    • Invest in the human capital pipeline including additional teachers, academic
      coaches and tutors, teacher assistants, and assistant principals for additional
      classroom support for instructional progress particularly addressing
      complications from the pandemic.
    • Invest in additional mental health and safety support personnel including
      counselors, SROS, nurses, school psychologists, and social workers to address
      the issues students face from the pandemic.
    • Significantly improve compensation, retirement and health benefits for
      teachers, instructional support personnel and non-certified/classified staff to
      alleviate staffing challenges.
    • Adopt a valid and equitable system for school performance & accountability
      based on multiple measures by 2023.
    • Continue to improve the pay plan for principals to align with the salary
      schedules of teachers and assistant principals, enhance compensation stability,
      and reflect career progression to make NC the top in the Southeast for principal
    • Increase funding for school facility needs and technology and broadband
    • Refine school calendar law to give school districts flexibility to better address
      the instructional needs of students and better align with community colleges
      while maintaining the required minimum hours and days

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