• Accelerating Learning Essentials


    This seminar presents research-based and evidence-based Acceleration practices that rapidly advance student learning of grade-level content (even when students have significant learning gaps) and substantially boost students' self-efficacy.

    The Acceleration practices presented are the common factors identified from research and evaluations of the federal Comprehensive School Reform (CSR) program. When implemented consistently and pervasively, the identified Acceleration practices become a driving force for quick and dramatic improvements and provide the necessary foundation for continuous school improvement.

    Seminar Essential Questions:

    1. Why is the focus on Acceleration important for student success? 

    2. What are the practices used by exemplary schools that make significant rapid improvements in student achievement and self-efficacy?

    3. What is the impact on schools and students when implementing Acceleration practices?

    4. How are the identified Acceleration practices implemented by exemplary leaders of all levels of schools?


    Participants will leave with a playbook of the essentials for rapid improvement.