Leadership in Personalized & Digital Learning

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  • Creating personalized, flexible digital learning environments

    that meet the needs of all students.


    NCDPI has partnered with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation (Friday Institute) and N.C. Principals & Assistant Principals' Association (NCPAPA) to provide a professional development program that will coach and guide principals through the creation of personalized and digital learning environments in their schools. The program will be delivered using a year-long blended program with five face-to-face sessions followed by a series of online activities designed to guide and coach selected principals through the school-based application of best practices for leading a successful personalized and digital transformation.

    As participants are led and coached through capacity-building activities for their own schools, they are simultaneously building their capacity as digitally competent school leaders to:

    • Develop a shared vision for the attributes of a transformed new generation of schools for the new generation of digital learners
    • Develop and implement a plan for transforming the teaching and learning process by creating structures for on-demand, self-paced access to the highest quality personalized instruction for every learner's data-driven learning needs
    • Create a collaborative school culture of academic excellence that fosters teacher and student leadership and responsibility for learning
    • Create an engaging, application and problem-based learning environment that fosters creativity and the highest levels of thinking and problem solving
    • Develop teachers' capacity for making optimum use of technologies and digital resources to create learning environments where all students can succeed
    • Build community understanding and support for new approaches to teaching and learning.
    • Use a proven approach for leading and managing the revolutionized new generation school transformation

    All assignments will be actual real-world, value-added activities that are part of a long-term sustained cycle of capacity building for the participants' own schools, students, staff, and communities.