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Senate Education Leaders File Bill to Fix Principal Bonus Issue | NCASA

Elizabeth Yelverton | NCASA Legal Affairs and Policy Manager

K-12 Education Committee Chairs filed a bill today that would clarify an issue regarding bonus awards for some principals who have previously been ruled ineligible. As a result of ambiguous wording within the 2018 State Budget providing the Principal Bonus Schedule, SL 2018-5, Section 8.3(a), certain principals who supervised schools with a D or F School Performance Grade, and greatly improved their schools so that they were in the Top 50% of the Statewide Growth Percentage, became ineligible for doubling their performance bonus award because they moved their school to a School Performance Grade of C under 2017-18 results. If their school had made less progress and remained a D in their school’s grade, their bonus would have been doubled, as occurred for some of their colleagues who led similar improvements. READ MORE