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Request for Proposals for Principal Preparation Program


September 24, 2019



Dr. Eddie Price


North Carolina Principal Fellows Program/Transforming Principal Preparation Program



The North Carolina Principal Preparation Program established pursuant to G.S. 116-74.42 and the Transforming Principal Preparation Program established pursuant to G.S. 116-74.44 are in the process of merging as stated in SB 227.  On behalf of the NCPFP/TP3 Commission, this is a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) for principal preparation programs as authorized by G.S. 116-74.45.The North Carolina General Assembly, through the merger of NCPFP/TP3, has dedicated approximately 7 million dollars each year for the preparation and support of highly effective school principals in North Carolina.

Principal Preparation Program providers will implement a leadership program that includes the following defining features:

  • Rigorous selection of principal interns;
  • Strong, authentic partnerships between preparation providers and school districts;
  • Fully released, fully paid residency in a school with a strong mentor principal;
  • Fully paid tuition, books, fees, etc.;
  • Master’s degree requirement;
  • Frequent coaching from trained practitioners; and,
  • Focus on high-needs schools and districts.

The program will include a pipeline component to identify and train emerging leaders in the classroom or from business, embedded participant assessments during the program, high-quality and sustained job-embedded practice in authentic settings, and commitment to data collection, reporting and continuous improvement. The programs will prepare participants to provide instructional leadership, manage and develop talent, build a positive school culture, apply organizational best practices, and lead change for continuous improvement in student results.

The NCPFP/TP3 will collaborate with Principal Preparation Providers to build capacity and identify and integrate evidence-based approaches to school leader development. The NCPFP/TP3 will facilitate discussion among providers and stakeholders to share successes and lessons learned. A Professional Learning Network of Principal Preparation Providers, principal supervisors, state and national experts in school leadership, and other stakeholders will be created and facilitated by NCPFP/TP3.

Currently, the North Carolina Principal Fellows website is under renovation due to the transition from North Carolina State University to the UNC General Admission Office. As the website becomes active, information will be posted. The RFP contains instructions for Q/A opportunities. 

The RFP application is attached. Proposals are due to the UNC General Admission Office by 5:00pm on November 1, 2019. Award announcements will be made December 16, 2019.

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