2020 NCPAPA Annual Meeting

NCPAPA Annual Meeting

2020 NCPAPA Annual Meeting | March 26, 2020

featuring Dr. John Marshall

Dr. John Marshall

Dr. John Marshall has been employed by Jefferson County Public Schools since 1997 in a variety of roles including as an English teacher, Assistant Principal and most recently the Chief Equity Officer. Dr. Marshall has ushered in several changes and has created some of the most innovative programs for students in Jefferson County Public Schools. Changing the Code of Conduct, increasing the numbers of students of Color in the Gifted and Talented Programs, delivering the regions’ largest Equity Institute for public schools, lowering transience of homeless students, creating a nationally acclaimed Equity Scorecard, and ushering in restorative practices are just a few of his accomplishments. These achievements and more have earned him the title “A National Leader to Learn From” according to Ed Week.  To date, Dr. Marshall has been published in books, national periodicals, local newspapers, and more. 

All of these strides and successes pale in comparison to what he says is his real accomplishment; being a father to his three daughters, Kaden, Kennedy, and Kori.

The NCPAPA Annual Meeting is held in conjunction with the NCASA Conference on Educational Leadership | March 26-27, 2020

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Wilmington Convention Center | 515 Nutt Street
PreConference Events will take place 
on Wednesday, March 25, 2020