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Participation in the AP Accelerator program is by superintendent nomination only.

The AP Accelerator (APA) is a statewide leadership development program for Assistant Principals nominated by their district superintendent with a high potential for being fast-tracked into the principalship. Assistant Principals, who typically spend 3-5 years in the role, enter the AP Accelerator Program and receive targeted, "just-in-time" leadership development and coaching from proven practitioners in the field. Using a concentrated curriculum of leadership development experiences and coaching, the program accelerates the readiness of selected assistant principals to lead and turn around high-needs schools.

The program consists of two phases:

Phase 1: Pre-placement assistant principal participation in AP Accelerator curriculum with combination of in-person and virtual sessions focused on research-based turnaround competencies and actions


Phase 2: Post-placement in a principal position combination of in-person and virtual mentoring with school visits and a focus on strategies for successfully meeting common early-career challenges, improving school culture, building staff capacity, and launching a successful turnaround campaign.

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AP Accelerator Cohorts

2023-2024 AP Accelerator Cohorts

AP Accelerator 2023-24 Cohorts


If you have any questions, please contact:

Katie Patterson

NCPAPA Assistant Executive Director

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